Seatrac X010 Mini-Modem Transponder Beacon

The SeaTrac X010 mini-transponder beacon and acoustic modem is built around a robust broadband spread spectrum signalling scheme and DSP engine capable of responding to position interrogations from X150 beacons while simultaneouly undertaking bi-directional data exchange with other SeaTrac modems.

Applications include...

  • ROV navigation
  • Scuba diver tracking
  • AUV/Diver telemetry links


Data Modems

In a modem application, beacons are mounted at either end of the required data links and addressable packets of data are exchanged between the Acoustic Communication Stacks using protocols that ensure integrity of data, buffering and reattempting transmission in event of packet loss.

Integrated beacon sensors (such as depth and supply voltage) may also be remotely queried by the interrogating modem.

Full control over the modem transponder is facilitated through a fully documented serial command set

Position Tracking

When used in a tracking application, up to 14 sub-surface assets to be tracked (including DiversROV's, AUV's etc) are fitted with either X010 or X110 beacons.

Interrogation is controlled by one X150 mounted on the supervisor vessel/platform, and connected to a PC running the SeaTrac NavPoint display and logging software. All positions are computed by the X150 beacon, so no additional PC hardware is required.


Integrated temperature and water-pressure sensors allows the beacon to monitor its depth and auto-compute the enviromental velocity-of-sound. This information can be retreived by the surface beacon and used to enhance position fixes in a tracking application.

x010 drawing

System Integration

For OEMs, system integrators and developers the serial interfaces, ASCII based command protocol and SDK documentation allow quick integration with existing systems, providing functionality from the Application level (i.e. tracking or bi-directional data-exchange) down to individual protocols within the Acoustic Communication Stack for more specialist requirements.

To support the development and testing process, the SeaTrac Utilities software suite provides tools do monitor signal quality, perform basic acoustic operations (ping, data exchange, range and position) and remotely upgrade the beacons firmware.
















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