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The C-Vision HDHigh Definition Camera and Recording System from C-Tecnics is a complete package of equipment that allows for the real-time viewing and recording of full high definition camera images onto magnetic hard disk drive, with the addition of a live on-screen display of serial data fields such as GPS data, or ship's survey NMEA data-stream. The system also incorporates two high intensity LED lamps and two laser pointer modules. All power and functionality to the camera, lights and lasers is provided through a single umbilical which is split out subsea using a subsea pressure pod.


The SCU equips the operator with a compact single control station, providing control over all functionality of the system. The complete SCU is incorporated into a single medium sized briefcase style carry case which weighs only 14kg! The system has excellent protection against the elements and is packaged for optimum portability and robustness. It also boasts a 15.4" screen which C-Tecnics have specifically chosen for its notable brightness and viewing angle characteristics.

The SCU features control of two C-Tecnics "TETRA" laser pointer modules for scaling of subsea structures and variable control of two C-Tecnics (CT-4003LED lights for optimum illumination. Zoom and Focus controls for the HD Camera come as standard as does a host of live video stream and data transfer ports to easily download recorded files to external hard disk or to a network.

Marine Distribution & Consulting offers the full range of C-Tecnics products. Please contact us to find the right video or communication solution for your needs! We invite you to browse our underwater camera solutions.


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