набор для подруливающего устройства


This is the most affordable way to add a waterproof connector to a Blue Robotics T200 Thruster!  This uses the same reliable Cobalt 3-pin connector found in our Blue Robotics T200 Thruster with Cobalt Connector


Current rating: 20 amps continuous


The kit includes:

  • qty. 1.   Connector Shell with pre-installed PEEK Insert
  • qty. 3    Electrical Sockets
  • qty. 1    Locking Sleeve
  • qty. 1    #012 O-Ring
  • qty. 1    3.2 mm x 25 mm (1/8” x 1”) Dowel Pin for installation of Sockets*


Must be used with a Cobalt 3-pin Bulkhead Connector (not included).


Requires intermediate soldering skills as well as familiarity with potting techniques.  Does not include potting material (we recommend 3M DP-420 or DP-620).  Please read the Instructions in the Datasheet tab for further detail.


*If you order multiple termination kits, we will include only one or two dowel pins, as they can be re-used.


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