Marine Distribution & Consulting offers a range of Trusthers for integration on subsea vehicles like ROVs, AUVs et al.

Thrusters marketed by Marine Distribution & Consulting are:


affordable if not to say revoltionary ...

innovative (RIM ThrusterIntegrated conrollers ....)

- most of the time adaptale to your needs 

proven design and reliable

- regulary sold tested 


Contact us to find the right thruster solution for you!


Thruster Partners:

Blue RoboticsKraken PowerHydromea


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Rim-Drive Thruster SeaThrust T160

The Kraken Power product  line is not sold via the Marine Distribution & Consulting Webstore.

We appreciate your interest andwould love to talk concerning Kraken Power pressure neutral solutions.

Please do not hesitate to contact us under

+ 33 685350150

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Rim-Driven Ring Thruster T100

I prodotti KrakenPower non vengono venduti attraverso il negozio di distribuzione e consulenza Marine.
Apprezziamo il vostro interesse e vorremmo parlarvi delle soluzioni "Neutral Pressure" di Kraken Power.
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+33 685350150

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