Electrical Linear Actuator

The Electrical linear actuator (ELA) module is designed for underwater operations up to 500 meters deep.

Oil-free, with intuitive programmable position control, on-board controllers, modular system.

Can be mounted on TMI-Orion ROV platforms as well as on many other ROV systems.

Features : 

  • Ideal for applications requiring great force with precise movement control.
  • Location information
  • 1 connector to add capacity (additional actuator, camera, projector ...).
  • With on-board electronic controller (no external POD).


  • Handling component
  • Underwater movement system (camera, panoramic or tilted projector, sonar, propellant ...)
  • Ballast correction system
  • Sampling system
  • ROV locking system
  • Underwater tools / ROV equipment
  • For the scientific community - Environment - Energy - Aquaculture.


• Stroke : 85mm
• Material: Hard anodized aluminum
• Depth: up to 500m
• Weight: 1.5kg on air, 0.74kg in fresh water
• Dimensions: Ø82mm x 256mm
• Thrust capability: 200kg
• Rod speed: 4mm/s
• Power Supply: 9-24Vdc 30W
• Control Bus: RS485 (other on request)
• In & Out Connectors: SubConn MCBH8M

ELA (unchangeable)-YYYY-B-T-SSSS
YYYY: Depth (m) 500 or 2000
B: Control Bus 485 (4) …
T: Motor positioning Encoder (E) / None (N)
SSSS: Embedded firmware versioning (ex: 1.0 / 2.11)

Companion Monitoring Software Tools

TMI-Orion, Marine Distribution & Consulting, attuatore lineare elettrico, robotica modulare, operazioni subacquee, controllo di posizione, ROV, strumenti elettronici.


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