The SB 100  from GPA Seabots is an Unmanned Surface Vehicle (USV) for conducting inspections and bathymetric projects in shallow and / or industrial waters. Use GNSS RTK positioning and a single beam echo sounder to obtain depths, as well as a side scan sonar to obtain clear background images.



The SB 100 is also an unmanned Surface Vehicle (USV) for bathymetry in shallow and/or industrial waters. It uses GNSS/RTK positioningdual GPS antennasIMUs and a multibeam echo sounder to obtain high accuracy depths



The SB100 is soon available in a harbour cleaning role ....   Stay tuned!


Length: 100cm
Width: 72cm
Height: 47cm
Draught: 14cm
Weight (empty with batteries): 30kg
Payload: 12kg
Speed: 08 to 1m/s
Max speed: 1,5m/s
Thruster thrust:  8.4 kgf
Autonomy between 3 and 4 hours (depending on use)
Battery recharge time 2 hours

sb100-surveyor-2 control-station1

Choose from a multitude of payload options or contact us for an easy integration of all types of instrumentation !


Please do not hesitate to contact Marine Distribution & Consulting for closer info, discussing  your mission profile or your personlized quote !
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Prodotto Nota Stato Prezzo
Basic ESC (new R3 version) Basic ESC (new R3 version)
23,65 €

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Hy Drone Hy Drone

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Licenza software AI Licenza software AI
323,33 €
Ping Sonar Altimeter e Echosounder Ping Sonar Altimeter e Echosounder
295,00 €

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Ping360 Scanning Imaging Sonar Ping360 Scanning Imaging Sonar
1.820,00 €
Seafloor Echoboat - ASV Seafloor Echoboat - ASV

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StarFish 450F StarFish 450F

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StarFish 450H StarFish 450H

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StarFish 452F StarFish 452F

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StarFish 453 OEM Sidescan Sonar StarFish 453 OEM Sidescan Sonar
StarFish 990F StarFish 990F

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T200 BlueROV2 Spare T200 BlueROV2 Spare
165,83 €
T200 Thruster  (propulsore sottomarino) T200 Thruster (propulsore sottomarino)
165,83 €

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