1080P Full HD Under Water Inspection Camera System

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1080P Full HD Under Water Inspection Camera System


This new Underwater Inspection Camera is the latest model, the camera is waterproof up to a 300m in water depth. The built-in Super Bright LEDs make it easy to view in those dark places. It has been specifically designed for underwater inspections and comes with a 4m - 10m Telescopic Pole and has the bility to record Video or Still Images direct to the built-in 500GB Hard drive. 



ship hull inspection

aquaculture (fish, sea cucumber, etc.)

underwater research

water pipe pipe hole imaging

underwater operations 

* underwater inspection





Video 1080P Full HD Under Water Inspection Camera System


 ∅68MM,1080P full HD Camera Head.Can be permanently
 fixed underwater 
 1/2.8 sensor
 13.3 inch 1080P full DH Display
 24 difference menu languages
 500G Hard Drive
 Support wireless mouse
 Support LAN.WAN
 H.264 and AVI video format
 0.4M-2M Telescopic Pole



 ● Infrared lights

● 50M-300M cable


Spec Detail:



1: screen: 13.3-inch 1080P Full HD LED screen,Wide viewing angle,Can clear the image details

2: IP65 waterproof rating, to prevent jet water immersion

3:Resolution:16:9,1920 X 1080(V),

4: OSD language: English, Chinese, etc. (12 languages available) Camera


1. Resolution: 1080P Full HD
2. Sensor: 1 / 2.8 inches
3. Lens: 3.6 MM, Angle: 78 ° ,Default focus: 40 cm (The camera lens is clearest when it is 20-40cm away from the object)
4. Fill light: 3 ultra bright white light (can be customized for infrared light), manual adjustment via the control end.
5. Camera lens material: tempered glass
6. Camera size: 68mm x 90mm
7. Camera material: 304 stainless steel, corrosion-resistant, can be permanently fixed in the bottom
8. Camera Image Color: Adjust the image color manually - black and white
9. Camera cable length: default 50 meter (Can be customized 100-300 meter)
10. Working with maximum power:13.5W
11. Working environment: underwater and land
12. Waterproof rating: IP68
13. The top of the camera case is 1/4 US made,tail is 1/4 US made, M3 supports expansion screw hole,To facilitate the expansion of other stents and accessories fixed.


Video Control Box

1:with DVR function, support for video, playback, query, copy and so on
2:support 24 languages
3:support for controlling the display function
4:built-in 500GB hard drive, long time storage 1080P HD video.
5:anti-knock, effectively ensure that the internal components of normal work.
6:IP65 waterproof rating, to prevent the jet of water immersion.
7:support audio input, you can record the sound through the microphone, stored to the hard disk.
8:support USB output for the phone to provide emergency charging.
9:support mobile phones and computer LAN, WAN, through the RJ45 network port to watch the camera and view the video

10:support the mouse for quick operation

11:Video format: H.264 and AVI


Lithium-Ion battery,18-25.8V battery(Battery autonomy: 9-13 hours)

Wire spool material: aluminum, anti-aging, anti-fall.


Operational pacckage:

1 mouse,
1 battery,
1 50m cable wheel
1 monitor
1 charger,
1 hard disc,
1 manual,
1 sun visor
1 camera top thread screw.
1 0.2-4M Telescope

Gross/net weight: 11.5kg/11kg


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