Adjusting drive HD88

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Adjusting drive HD88

For rotatory and angle controlled adjusting up to 28 Nm. The adjusting drive is micro controlled and is characterised by high dynamics and high precision.

The oil-compensated drive is capable for underwater applications in depths up to 6,000 m.

The drive finds itself employed in many possibilities, for example as rudder engines in underwater vehicles like ROVs, AUVs and Gliders or in electrical underwater manipulators.




optional gear box variants in the area
of 9 to 28 Nm

high dynamics

robust control

high precision



  • depth rating: 6.000 m
  • voltage: 24 DC
  • Pmax: 100 W
  • Mmax: 28 Nm
  • resolution: 0.01°
  • weight: 1 kg (in air)




  • Underwater vehicles
  • Marine equipment

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