Indicatore LED sottomarino

(Angle: BLUE)


The Subsea LED Indicator is a simple LED light with high pressure capability! It comes in a penetrator form factor for easy installation on any of our Watertight Enclosures and it comes in four colors: whitebluegreen, and red! It operates on 3-20v and each light draws up to 30mA when used at 20v. A built in resistor makes it easy to use without any additional parts.

The indicator light body is made of red anodized aluminum. An plastic diffuser cap on the front creates a gentle glow and makes the light visible from any angle.

The Subsea LED Indicator can be used to provide status information about anything built into a watertight enclosure (for the remaining items necessary, please contact-us) Here are a few examples:

  • Use it as a power on/off indicator on the BlueROV2 or other device (especially when using aluminum tubes)
  • Install a few different colors on an underwater sensor enclosure to show status or errors
  • Use it as a waterproof indicator light on an unmanned surface vessel (USV)
  • Create an underwater light display!

The indicator has been tested to 300m water depth and we’re still working to provide an official depth rating. It comes with two male header pins (0.1″) preinstalled to make it easy to connect to an Arduino or other electronic device.

Here’s a ridiculous video demonstration of the Subsea LED Indicator.



  • 1 x Subsea LED Indicator (white, red, green, blue)
  • 1 x O-ring (013)
  • 1 x Nut


Please contact Marine Distribution & Consulting for all further needs concerning Blue Robotics parts or simply browse our dedicated webstore section!


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