Revolutionizing underwater positioning in three key areas:
  • Performance
  • Price
  • Physical size
Scenarios where Underwater GPS excels:
  • Acoustic reflections from hard surfaces close to operation area (ship hullsseafloorconstructionstankspools etc.)
  • Shallow water (portstanks, tools etc.)
  • Signal attenuation from objects or water (large concentrations of fish inside fish cages etc.)

Where traditional acoustic technology typically struggles to provide a position, Water Linked Underwater GPS delivers unparalleled performance! You can expect a steady position from your Locator in even the most challenging areas.

Every Underwater GPS system is GPS and IMU equipped. This enables accurate positioning of your underwater device even when deployed from a boat drifting or rotating.

The record breaking physical size enables integration with smaller equipment than ever before. The small size and mass means a negligible effect on maneuverability of even the smallest ROV’s.

The cost of a complete Underwater GPS system starts at a completely new price point compared to traditional solutions. This enables the solution to be adapted to a host of new areas where cost sensitivity is high. Small and low cost inspection ROVs and scuba divers are just a couple of examples.

Kit or OEM?

Underwater GPS is available both as ready-to-operate “Explorer Kits” and in the form of OEM modules. Any subsea solution provider can now seamlessly integrate state of the art underwater positioning in their systems.

Underwater positioning has never been easier!


For ROV’s

Water Linked’s Underwater GPS solution is changing the way ROVs are used.

Smaller ROVs have traditionally been operated without the luxury of underwater positioning. This is due to high costs, large physical size and high complexity of traditional solutions. Underwater GPS changes all this!

ROV-based inspection, exploration, search and rescue, and other applications can finally enjoy accurate underwater position and moving-map navigation displays.


For divers

Knowing the position of the diver when he/she is performing a dive is a major enhancement of safety for both the diver and the crew on the boat.

The traditional entry barriers of cost, size, complexity and low performance has kept all but a limited few divers away from underwater positioning.

Water Linked’s Underwater GPS equipped with battery powered Locators changes all this! Now anyone can equip their dive boat with modern positioning systems.

For aquaculture

Modern fish farming is undergoing a technology revolution. Accurate feeding strategies, monitoring and service of the installations have become critical for the fish farming industry.

Underwater GPS provides the fish farmer a completely new opportunity to optimize the feeding ratios. By knowing the exact position of feeding cameras the feeding operation can easily be managed to optimize food uptake and reduced the environmental impact.


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