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The Hydromea Disk-Drive Thruster is a patented, very compact, direct-drive propulsion unit with integrated motor controller. The hub-less propeller design makes it robust to debris and eliminates the risk of stall due to strings and water plants wrapping around a shaft. The rotor is hydrolubricated without any dynamic seals, making the design completely oil-free and pressure-proof. The integrated motor controller has a CAN bus interface and performs brushless commutation and closed-loop speed control in both directions. Our proprietary sinusoidal commutation algorithm continuously monitors and optimises the motor timing parameters, resulting in smooth and efficient operation across the full speed range.



• Thin, low-profile design

Hub-less propeller

Direct-drive, no gears or dynamic seals

Pressure-proof • Integrated sinusoidal motor controller with bi-directional closed-loop speed control

• Instant start and fast reversal for accurate attitude control

• CAN interface Applications

• Ideal as stabilisation thrusters for small ROVs/AUVs

• Low profile enables low drag for vertically mounted thrusters

Deep-sea actuators 





(Preliminary specifications)

- Outer Dimensions 82 x 95 x 14 mm

- Propeller diameter 50 mm

- Max. Thrust 25 N

- Weight in air 135 g

- Supply voltage 12-22 V

- Max. current 21 A

- Interface CAN bus

- Depth rating 6000 m


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