Modem Optique LUMA 250LP

Modem Optique LUMA 250LP

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Le modem optique  Hydromea LUMA 250LPmodem optique ultra-performant offrant des performances exceptionnelles pour les applications marines!

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The Hydromea LUMA 250LP optical modem combines outstanding performance and energy efficiency in a very compact form factor. Optical communication offers superior data rates, low latency and lower power requirements compared to acoustic modems. This makes it the perfect choice for applications such as data download from submerged sensor platforms (landers), as well as wireless interfacing between ROVs/AUVs and deep sea infrastructure.

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The LUMA 250LP is very energy efficient, which makes it ideal for battery-powered applications. It can be configured to enter a sleep mode after a specified time of inactivity, and optically woken up from sleep by another modem when the link is re-established. The software-configurable serial cable interface can be set to RS232 or RS485, which makes the LUMA250LP the ideal drop-in replacement for cabled connections in many existing systems.


•Ultra-compact and low weight, ideal for small ROVs/AUVs

•Four transmission power levels: 2 - 5 W

•Wide supply voltage range

•Ultra-low power sleep mode with optical wake-up

Encryption of data link, ad-hoc networking (optional, on request)


Wireless readout of landers and subsea infrastructure with ROV / AUV

•Low power communication for battery powered underwater devices

Wireless video streaming for mini ROVs

•Subsea networks at deep sea sites


Dimensions 100 x 50 x 30 mm

Weight in air 250 g

Weight in water 50 g

Data rate: 250 Kbit/sec (up to 600 kbps at reduced range)

Software features Error detection, FEC, auto-wakeup (upgradeable for additional features)

Range up to 7 m

Supply voltage 12 - 36 V

Power consumption: - sleep mode - active, receiving - transmitting < 10 mW 0.5 W 2 - 5 W (typ.)

Beam pattern 120 deg.

cone Interface: RS232 / RS485

Depth rating 6000 m

Connector SubConn MCIL6M or as requested


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