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Broco UW/1418-100 Ultrathermic Tiges de coupe sous-marines 1/4 in. (0,635cm) x 18 in. (45,72cm) - 100 Tiges


Broco® Underwater announces the latest advancement in underwater cutting - the new advanced design Broco Underwater Ultrathermic Cutting Rod PLUS. Burning in excess of 10,000° F at the tip, these Broco Ultrathermic Cutting Rods PLUS cut or melt virtually any known material. Based on a new patent pending design, this new cutting rod delivers 20% more cutting and burn time than the same size standard Broco underwater cutting rod, and burns more evenly than any rod on the market. The new Broco Cutting Rods PLUS increase burn time 20% on average, for a 3/8 inch diameter by 18 inch long rod. The extra seconds allow for longer burn time and more cutting, delivering more Broco quality with increased performance and value to our customers.

Broco's patented rod design features alloy core wires retained by circular crimps. The special design of the Broco Ultrathermic Underwater Cutting Rod prevents burnback into the underwater cutting torch, making these Broco Cutting Rods PLUS the safest in the commercial diving market. Broco Ultrathermic Cutting Rods PLUS can be bent 90 degrees or more to access hard to reach places without restricting oxygen flow or causing insulation to split or flake off.



  • Burning in excess of 10,000° F at the tip
  • Broco Underwater Ultrathermic Cutting Rods cut or melt virtually any known material
  • The special design prevents burnback into the torch


  • Broco Ultrathermic Underwater Cutting Rods may be used with a maximum of 150 amps to assist in the burning process
  • Continuous power is recommended for cutting with the 1/4" diameter Broco Underwater Ultrathermic cutting rod, otherwise it is difficult to maintain ignition
  • Length: 18 inch
  • Tube Diameter: 1/4 inch
  • Weight: 19.6 lbs. box
  • Rod Count Per Box: 100 rods


La gamme complète Broco est disponible chez Marine Distribution & Consulting:
tiges de coupe sous-marines, stingers de soudage sous-marins et les outils correspondants.


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