Desarrollador de GPS subacuático

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The Underwater GPS Developer Bundle includes the products you need to work with integration of our technology in your solutions.

The Developer Bundle can be used with 2 different Locator types:
  • Locator A1 (Optimized for ROV integration.)
  • Locator D1 (For stand alone operation. Comes with its own tether.)
Position Acuracy

You will typically experience an acuracy of ~1% of the range between the Locator and the Receivers. On 100 meter range, you can expect an acuracy of ~1 meter.

Underwater GPS relies on acoustics to transmit data through the water. Acoustic transmission can be affected by these scenarios:

  • Reflections from hard surfaces nearby your operation area (ship hulls, the sea floorconstructions etc.)
  • Signal dampening from objects in the water (large consentrations of fish etc.)

The Water Linked technology has revolutionary performance in this kind of challenging scenarios. While other solutions simply break down, the Underwater GPS continues to work. With Underwater GPS you should simply expect somewhat lower acuracy in such operations.

GUI features

The computer inside the top-side housing is running a fully featured web based GUI. This is where you observe the position of the Locator and configure the system. Main features include:

  • Graphical visualization of underwater position of the Locator relative to the receivers
  • Map based visualization of underwater position of the Locator with GPS coordinates
  • Heading of the baseline (the receivers)
  • Configurable track log of both the baseline and the Locator
  • Comprehensive configuration possibilities
  • Diagnostics to graphically watch the acoustic signal
  • 1x Master-D1 WL-21008
  • 4x Receiver-D1 WL-21005-P010 (10m cable, no connector)
  • 1x Locator-A1 (1m cable, no connector)
  • Webserver exposing a GUI and API
  • Acoustic Position SW
  • Global Position SW
  • GPS (Antenna included. External antenna supported)
  • IMU (Compass/Orientation)
  • D1 interfaces: 5x (Typically 4 Receiver-D1 and 1 Locator-D1)
  • A1 interfaces: 1x
  • Ethernet interfaces: 1x


  • Part name: Underwater GPS Developer Bundle
  • Acoustic range: 100 m
  • Supply voltage: 10-18 V
  • Total weight: ~4 kg
  • Operating temperature: -10 to 60 °C

Please contact Marine Distribution & Consulting if you need additional info on underwater localization or Water Linked Products



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Selección: Desarrollador de GPS subacuático

N.º de producto Locator Estado Precio
Waterlinked2-0001 A1 (1m cable, no connector)
4.249,13 €
Waterlinked2-0002 D1 (100m cable, no connector
4.439,38 €


Producto Nota Estado Precio
Underwater GPS Developer Kit Underwater GPS Developer Kit
6.111,21 €

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Ficha del producto

Seamor Chinook Seamor Chinook

Ficha del producto

Seamor Steelhead Seamor Steelhead

Ficha del producto

Seatrac X010 Mini-Modem Transponder Beacon Seatrac X010 Mini-Modem Transponder Beacon

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Seatrac X110 Modem Transponder Beacon Seatrac X110 Modem Transponder Beacon

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Blue ROV2 by MDC Blue ROV2 by MDC
7.999,83 €

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