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LAN Controller / Telemetry system

The telemetry enables to integrate serial instruments into an Ethernet networkAdditionally 7 serial interfaces are available.

All serial interfaces have their own fused power supply which can be also switched. In addition, other digital and analog I/O are available.

An ARM Microcontroller takes over the interface management. With the help of a user-friendly program interface with own its programs or algorithms can be also integrated. Therefore the telemetry is also applicable as a ROV or AUV controller. Several telemetry systems are cascadable.

  • voltage supply: 24V/12V
  • several communication interfaces

5x RS232

2x RS422/485

1x Ethernet

  • data logger (OpenLog) on μSD
    through to 16Gbyte
  • integrated RTC
  • input analog voltage 0-10V
  • input binary signals 0-24V
  • output binary signals 0-24V (12V)
  • Underwater connector: Subconn (DNS), PBOF, or integration in pressure body 






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