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Pressure tolerant lithium-polymer battery pack 26V/80Ah

Kraken Power pressure-tolerant battery blocks are characterized by a repeatedly deep-sea tested and proven design. The lithium-polymer cells are protected in durable silicone encapsulation. Flexible, but stable under pressure and protected from the harmful influences of the seawater. This encapsulation and the surrounding housing allow optimal cooling of the cells and protect from any mechanical influences. The battery blocks need due to the consistent pressure-tolerant design no pressure chambers. This saves weight and cost.

Each battery pack has its own battery monitoring system (BMS), with which it is possible at any time to monitor the status of the battery and the individual cells.
The battery blocks are connected in series or in a modular series with banks, in order to realize different capacity and voltage level.



  • high energy density
  • rugged designhigh reliability
  • no seals or liquids
  • modular
  • fast chargeable
  • integrated battery monitoring system (BMS)
  • diverse connection options
  • blocks can be modularly configured to banks
  • RS232/485/422, CANbus Data Interface


  • Depth Rating:                              6,000 m
  • Capacity:                                    2 kWh
  • Voltage:                                     18.9 V - 29.4 V
  • Discharge                                   voltage: 25.9 V
  • Life cycle @ 80% DOD                   > 1500
  • max. Continuous load:                  80 A
  • Operating temperature:                -20° C to 60 ° C
  • Density:                                     ≈ 1.9 g / cm ³
  • Weight:                                      22.8 kg (air)
  • Dimensions:                                188 mm x 244 mm x 302 mm


  • ROVs, AUVs
  • Submarines
  • stationary platforms
  • Offshore installations
  • subsea installations


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