Rim-Drive Thruster SeaThrust T160

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Rim-Drive Thruster SeaThrust T160

The electrical Rim-Driven Thruster consist of an electric torque motor which drives an inside
propeller. This configuration is very efficient along with the special power electronics
precisely controllable relapses at a very high efficiency. The thruster can be used in water
depths up to 6,000 m. By the consistent application of the pressure-tolerant technology the
thrusters are very robust and nearly maintenance-free. The thrusters are responsive, powerful
and easy to integrate and will provide a unique combination of ultra-compact power and high


■ Unique technology without seals
■ Two solid molded parts - No sealing needed, no oil or air inside
High reliability, rugged design
■ Only three moving parts – direct driven propeller – no gear
■ High torque at low RPM
■ Low friction Seawater lubricated bearings – simple to service
■ Hub less propeller - low risk of entanglement
■ Easy exchangeable propeller
■ Symmetrical forward and reverse thrust
■ Integrated temperature monitoring
■ Diverse connection options
■ Different voltage and interface options

■ Operation depth: 6,000 m
■ Thrust: up to 350 N (35.6 kgf)
■ Power: up to 2,500 W
■ Voltage nom.: up to 110 VDC
■ Max. rpm: 1,400 rpm
■ Weight: 5.6 kg


Performance curves


■ UUVs
■ ROVs
■ AUVs
■ Manned underwater vehicles
■ Surface crafts



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