The StarFish 453OEM system comprises two self contained transducer elements and the StarFish electronics circuit board, allowing Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM's) to add sonar capabilities to their own products.

Outstanding Performance

Built on the proven StarFish digital CHIRP acoustic technology developed from the professional underwater survey industry, the StarFish 453 OEM system features an enhanced transducer design with larger acoustic aperture for a 0.5° horizontal beam width (our highest resolution 450kHz sonar), and depth rating up to 300m (980ft) - producing crisper and cleaner imagery at ranges of up to 100 metres on each channel (200m total swathe coverage).

Simple Integration

In addition to the two transducer connectors, the electronics board only requires a power supply (from 9 to 28V DC) and a USB data connection to the controlling PC. 
In additional to integration with our Scanline software package, a Software Development Kit (SDK), Windows DLL library and diagnostic toolkit are provided to assist developers integrate the sonar into their systems.

Marine Distribution & Consulting offers the complete range of side scan sonar systems from Blueprint Subsea. Please contact us for in depth advise on the system for your needs!



  • Seperate hull mounted transducers.
  • 0.5° horizontal beam width for high resolution imaging.
  • Small electronics footprint (165mm x 100mm x 23mm).
  • Simple USB data connection.
  • Operational depth rating up to 300m.



Customer images captured with the StarFish 453OEM sidescan sonar system...

sonar_image_Bluepint_Subsea_453oem_1 sonar_image_Bluepint_Subsea_453oem_2 sonar_image_Bluepint_Subsea_453oem_3



Length 432mm (17.0")
Width 41mm (1.6")
Height 18mm (0.7")
In Air 0.35kg (0.77lbs)
Construction Black acetal plastic and reinforced polyurethane rubber
Depth Rating 300m (984ft) max
Cable Length Variable (customer specified)
Cable Construction Screened twisted pair with black polyurethane jacket
Vertical Beam Width 60° nominal (@ -3dB signal level)
Horizontal Beam Width 0.5° nominal (@ -3dB signal level)
Operating Frequency 450kHz nominal (430kHz-470kHz CHIRP)
Operating Range 1m to 100m (3ft to 320ft) per channel (two transducers required, providing max 200m (640ft) total coverage)
Operating Mode CHIRP pulse compression
Pulse Length 400us typical
Transmit Source Power Level <210dB re 1µPa @ 1m






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