Underwater Marine / Boat Inspection HD Camera - available at Marine Distribution & Consulting

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The C-Vision HDHigh Definition Camera and Recording System from C-Tecnics  is now available  at Marine Distribution & Consulting.

The C-Tecnics product line is not sold via the Marine Distribution & Consulting Webstore.

We appreciate your interest and would love to talk concerning C-Tecnics products.

Please do not hesitate to contact us under

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This Blue Robotics analog PAL camera with low-light sensitivitywide-angle field-of-view has 700TVL resolution and is available at MDC

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The digital HD USB camera has excellent low-light performanceonboard compression, and a lens chosen to provide fantastic video quality

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The Paralenz+ Dive Camera is the first underwater action camera made for divers, by divers!

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Camera designed specifically for underwater inspection. Can be installed on many ROV systems.

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