Lanai (Poseidon ROV)

The LANAI, Designed by ROV Operators for Operations We have combined decades of ROV operation experience with modern manufacturing techniques to produce a Remotely Operated Vehicle that is both capable and affordable. A fully integrated console provides a sunlight readable monitor, control PC, surface power, and professional hand controller in a compact package. The deck space, along with buoyancy cutouts, allows for payloads such as imaging sonarscanning sonaraltimeterCTD, or UT, all without the need for a tooling skid or extra buoyancy. Comes standard with 125m tether/spool, console/pro controller, and cases. $21,500 with standard options: 125m tether/reel, console and controller shown, Newton grabberwaterproof transport cases, spare parts/tools, 1 year warranty, P/N:SYS0014. *Cerulean Sonar ROVL and Blue Robotics Ping360 Sonar not included.



1. Depth rating: 400m

2. Dimensions: 559x356x305mm (LWH)

3. Weight in air: 13.0kg

4. Payload capacity (fresh water): 2.1kg

5. Payloads: Imaging sonar, scanning sonar, USBL, altimeter, CTD, UT, Reach Alpha 5F manipulator

6. Thruster: 4 lateral (35deg), 4 vertical, Blue Robotics T200 (connectorized)

7. Video: 1080 HD IP camera with tilt

8. Lights: 4x 1,500 Lumen each

9. Power 600W standard

10. Standard telemetry: AUX 1x Ethernet, 1x RS485, power: 5/12/24VDC regulated (120W total)



1. Output voltage: 350VDC, 750W

2. Input voltage: 120/240VAC

3. Monitor: 12in HD (1,200NIT)

4. Case: 378x307x244mm (LWH), 13kg 5. Fully isolated output with GFCI 6. Intel PC, all software configured



1. Breaking strength: 250kg

2. Diameter: 9.3mm (neutral, 1.0g/ml)

3. Conductors: 2x22AWG+2TP+Earth


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Product Note Status Price
Blue ROV2 by MDC Blue ROV2 by MDC
7,999.83 € *

Product data sheet

BlueROV2 (kit) BlueROV2 (kit)
from 3,233.33 € *
C-Vision HD C-Vision HD
Low-Light HD USB Camera Low-Light HD USB Camera
108.33 € *
CC - Color Camera CC - Color Camera
CT3012 Micro Camera CT3012 Micro Camera

Product data sheet

Electric Manipulator Arm Electric Manipulator Arm

Product data sheet

Fathom Spool 300 Fathom Spool 300
570.92 € *
Fathom Spool 150 Fathom Spool 150
472.92 € *
Hy Drone Hy Drone

Product data sheet

I2C Level Converter I2C Level Converter
23.74 € *

Product data sheet

ISS360 - Compact Imaging Sonar ISS360 - Compact Imaging Sonar

Product data sheet

ISA500 Altimeter ISA500 Altimeter

Product data sheet

Software Licence AI Software Licence AI
323.33 € *
M750d Dual-Frequency Multibeam Sonar M750d Dual-Frequency Multibeam Sonar

Product data sheet

Ping360 Scanning Imaging Sonar Ping360 Scanning Imaging Sonar
1,820.00 € *
Ping Sonar Altimeter and Echosounder Ping Sonar Altimeter and Echosounder
295.00 € *

Product data sheet


Product data sheet

SB100 Surveyor SB100 Surveyor
Seamor Steelhead Seamor Steelhead

Product data sheet

Seamor Chinook Seamor Chinook

Product data sheet

Seamor Mako Seamor Mako

Product data sheet

Seatrac X010 Mini-Modem Transponder Beacon Seatrac X010 Mini-Modem Transponder Beacon

Product data sheet

Seatrac X110 Modem Transponder Beacon Seatrac X110 Modem Transponder Beacon

Product data sheet

Seatrac X150 USBL Seatrac X150 USBL

Product data sheet

T200 Spare (with penetrator and short cable) T200 Spare (with penetrator and short cable)
165.83 € *
T200 Thruster with a 3Pin Cobalt connector T200 Thruster with a 3Pin Cobalt connector
240.83 € *
T200 Thruster T200 Thruster
174.17 € *

Product data sheet

Underwater GPS Developer Kit Underwater GPS Developer Kit
6,111.21 € *

Product data sheet


Product data sheet

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