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The depth of the ocean is within everyone's reach!

An underwater drone with which you can develop research, inspection and maintenance of submerged facilities in the most efficient and safe way you can imagine: The Sibiu Pro from Nido Robotics in Spain. 

Its 1080p camera, specially optimized for the underwater environment, and its 4 lumens of 1500 lumens will allow you to get a sharp image in low light environments.

It incorporates eight thrusters, which gives it flexibility and stability in navigation. In addition, the latest generation engineering with which it was built and its technological innovation allow it to reach depths of up to 300 m.

Main Features :

Weight: 16 kg

Maximum depth: 300 m

Lights: 4 X 1500 lumens (dimming control)

Camera: 1080p

Battery: 2h (with average use of motors)

Maximum speed: 3 knots.

Technical specifications

Height 28.8 cm
Width 34.3 cm
Length 52.4 cm
Weight without weight 11.05 kg
Weight with weight 12.45 kg
10 mm wall holes
4 '' main tube
3 '' series battery tube
Buoyancy foam
Urethane ballast weight R-3318
XT90 battery connector
Battery (14.8V, 18Ah) 4S

Twisted Pair, 26 AWG
7.6 mm in diameter
Length 25-300 m
Effective 45 kg
Breakdown voltage 160 Kg
Flotation (salt water) slightly positive
Flotation (freshwater) Neutral
Reinforced reinforcement with Kevlar
Waterproofing sodium polyacrylate

Maximum depth 300 m
T-200 thrusters
ESC Afro 30A
Maximum working current 3 knots
Thruster configuration: 

  • 4 verticals
  • 4 Horizontal

3 DOF gyroscope
3 DOF Accelerometer
3 DOF magnetometer
Internal barometer
Bar30 Blue Robotics Pressure Sensor
Current and voltage sensor
Moisture sensor
Temperature sensor

A computer with a 2.7 GHz processor in addition to 8 GB of RAM
Chart compatible with Direct 12
Compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux

1080p digital camera
Field of view 110º horizontally
Camera tilt range +/- 90º (total range 180º)
EMAX ES08MD 13g Metal Mini
Digital servo for RC model

The software used for ROVs SIBIU NIDO is an open source solution (GPLv3) composed of the following modules:

ArduSub: It is factory installed in the ROV as embedded software. It controls the dynamics of the ROV, as well as the automatic stabilization and telemetry functions.
QGroundControl: Multiplatform application compatible with Windows 10, OSX and Linux. It allows the user to control the ROV while viewing the video and navigation data in real time.


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