BR22 PLUS Cutting Torch

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Broco BR22-PLUS Cutting Torch

This Broco BR-22 Plus Cutting Torch boasts 21 design improvements, including the removal of all rubber from direct oxygen pathway, a PTFE lined fiberglass reinforced coupler hose, improved flash arrestor with higher oxygen flow rate and better flash back protection, non-return valve to prevent back flow, and improved collet and collet washer design.

Broco's Engineering Technology Group dedicated two years to the design and development of the new torch with diver safety as its top priority. As with the original BR-22, it is also ergonomically designed for diver comfort, and is made with quality materials to deliver years of trouble-free performance at low cost. All Broco rods and electrodes used with the BR-22 also can be used with the new BR-22 Plus.

Broco's new BR-22 PLUS is the most exciting and innovative development in underwater cutting in more than 30 years.


  • Redesigned collet provides tighter hold on the cutting rod. Redesigned collet washer removes rubber from the oxygen stream and extends washer life.
  • Ceramic washer provides noncombustible electrical isolation.
  • PTFE lined fiberglass reinforced hose withstands extremely high operating temperatures and is combustion resistant.
  • The internal gasket reduces electrolysis, insulates the diver’s hand from electrical current, and reduces potential for gas pockets in the torch.
  • Sintered element slag arrestor withstands more heat and sparks and increases oxygen flow rate.
  • Non-return valve stops the flow of hot gases in the event of a flash back.
  • Valve lever and valve stem have been redesigned to allow manual return should the valve stem get stuck.
  • Redesigned valve to better meter flow.


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