Basic ESC (new R3 version)

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simple electronic speed controller for the T100  (T100 Thruster) and T200  (T200 Thruster )Thrusters. This new R3 version is based on the BLHeli ESC design with upgraded features and performance!

Please also have a look at the comparative Basic ESC R3 vs Basic ESC (old) - in FRENCH only

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This new version of the Basic ESC is based on the BLHeli_S ESC design, providing an upgrade with newer technology, additional features, and improved performance.

Key Features

  • Simple, robust brushless electronic speed controller
  • Compact form factor
  • Forward/reverse rotation direction for forward/reverse thrust
  • Customizable settings in an easy-to-use interface
  • High-efficiency, low-heat design optimized for minimal cooling environments


Voltage 7-26 volts
Current 30 amps (with some cooling)
Power Connectors Spade Terminals for No. 6 screw
Motor Connectors Tinned Wire Ends
Signal Pulse-width (PWM)
Max Reverse: 1100 μs
Stopped:       1500 μs
Max Forward: 1900 μs 
Deadband:   1475-1525 μs
Length 1.38 in 35 mm
Width 0.67 in 17.1 mm
Thickness 0.22 in 5.5 mm
Weight 0.036 lb 16.3 g


  • 1 x Basic ESC (R3)

Blue RoboticsMarine Distribution & ConsultingBasicESC (version R3), MDC, Thruster,T100,T200,speed controller


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