Payload-Skid (Blue ROV2)

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The Payload Skid is a modular frame for theBlue ROV2 with mounting points for additional watertight enclosures and lights. Using the Payload Skid, you can add additional large instruments and other equipment to your Blue ROV2. Fitting snugly to the bottom of the ROV, the Payload Skid can host up to an additional two Lumen subsea lights, twelve Ballast Weights, and a 4″ Watertight Enclosure or three 3″ Watertight Enclosures.

The Payload Skid comes in a kit version and has to be assembled. If you need an already assembled version you are welcome to contact Marine Distribution & Consulting!



  • 2 x Payload Skid Side Panel
  • 1 x Payload Skid Bottom Panel
  • 2 x Standoff
  • 4 x Payload Skid Mounting Clip
  • 4 x M4x16 Screws
  • 12 x M5x16 Screws



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