High Power Cable (1 meter, 2 conductors, 12 AWG)

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heavy duty power cable, compromising of an urethane jacket, Teflon tape, and 12 AWG conductors

Sold by the meter (3.3 ft) and cut to length when you order. Minimum order length is 1 meter. 

For all technical questions on Blue Robotics products please do not hesitate to contact Marine Distribuiton & Consulting directly!

Product Description

This heavy gauge 2-conductor cable is used on the BlueROV2 to carry power between enclosures. The cable is custom made with a pressure-extruded urethane jacket, Teflon tape, and flexible 12 AWG conductors. It’s really tough and abrasion resistant. The conductor insulation is chemically etched to ensure excellent adhesion to potting compounds and glues.

Sold by the meter (cut to length when you order).


Construction 2-conductors, tape wrap, jacket
Outer Jacket Pressure-extruded urethane
Tape Teflon tape
Conductor Insulation Chemically-Etched Teflon (FEP)
Conductor Gauge 12 AWG
Diameter 0.30 in 7.6 mm
Colors Red, black




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