T200 Thruster with a 3Pin Cobalt connector

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Finally, a Blue Robotics T200 Thruster with a waterproof connector!


We take the wildly popular Blue Robotics T200 thruster and put our 3-pin Cobalt Series connector on the end of the cable.  All you need to do is install a matching 3-pin Cobalt Series bulkhead connector on your ROV (the Cobalt bulkhead connector fits in the same 10-mm hole as Blue Robotics penetrators).  20-amp maximum continuous current.




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Product Note Status Price
Basic ESC (new R3 version) Basic ESC (new R3 version)
26.15 € *

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BlueROV2 (kit) BlueROV2 (kit)
from 3,233.33 € *
BlueROV2 (kit) BlueROV2 (kit)
(Ombilical: 75m, LED: 2 LED)
3,233.33 € *
BlueROV2 (kit) BlueROV2 (kit)
(Ombilical: 75m, LED: 4 LED)
3,412.50 € *
BlueROV2 (kit) BlueROV2 (kit)
(Ombilical: 100m, LED: 2 LED)
3,362.50 € *
BlueROV2 (kit) BlueROV2 (kit)
(Ombilical: 100m, LED: 4 LED)
3,541.67 € *
BlueROV2 (kit) BlueROV2 (kit)
(Ombilical: 150m, LED: 2 LED)
3,590.83 € *
BlueROV2 (kit) BlueROV2 (kit)
(Ombilical: 150m, LED: 4 LED)
3,749.98 € *
BlueROV2 Heavy Configuration Retrofit Kit BlueROV2 Heavy Configuration Retrofit Kit
535.38 € *
Thruster Cable Thruster Cable
Thruster Commander Thruster Commander
46.67 € *

Product data sheet

Spares kit Spares kit
260.00 € *
Mounting Bracket Mounting Bracket
4.42 € *

Product data sheet

T200 Spare (with penetrator and short cable) T200 Spare (with penetrator and short cable)
165.83 € *
T200 Thruster T200 Thruster
174.17 € *

Product data sheet

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