Rental products

Rental products

You need an USV, a ROV/ Mini-ROV, divers tools like an Angle Grinder or powerful Hammer Drill, side scan sonar etc for a specific work to be done (a day, a week or even longer)? We have exactly what you need in our inhouse rental parc below :







or choose from a wide range of payloads and sensors in cooperation with EIVA:





Marine Distribution & Consulting also cooperates with experienced divers and ROV pilots to offer the best possible service and solution for your ROV needs: eg in Africa we work with and recommend SAROV South Africa 

Additional Infos:

Inspection sous-marine par Blue ROV2 de MDC   (FR)


10 applications for the Blue ROV2 by MDC    (EN)


Introdution to Side Scanning     (EN)

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Newton Subsea Gripper

375.00 *
Not in stock

Blue ROV2 by MDC

7,999.83 *
Product data sheet
Not in stock


In stock
Delivery period: 7 working days

Locator U1

1,301.00 *
Product data sheet
In stock
Delivery period: 5 working days

New SB100 Surveyor

In stock
Delivery period: 10 working days
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