Blue Trail Engineering is an American start-up with a simple and brilliant idea: make underwater connectors affordable!

This means a real revolution in underwater robotics.

Affordable, accessible and point-to-point connectors and solutions...

The thrusters are ingeniously simple, based on a T200 de Blue Robotics

MDC offers you the products and the mini rov Blue ROV2 in an assembled, professionalized and tested version at less than a third of the price of all competitive productsContact Us and stay tuned with Blue Robotics, Blue Trail Engineering and Marine Distribution & Consulting everything connected!

MDC sells all Blue Trail Engnieering products. If you can't find the product of your choice, Contact us for a personalized quote!

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Cobalt Series Cable, Single-ended

from 49.00 *
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Delivery period: 5 working days

Blue ROV2 by MDC

7,999.83 *
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Not in stock

T200 Thruster

174.17 *
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Not in stock

BlueROV2 Heavy Configuration Retrofit Kit

535.38 *

Delivery period: 7 working days

BlueROV2 (kit)

from 3,233.33 *
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