Rental products

Rental products

Rental products

You need a ROV Mini-ROV just for a short period of time? You are photographer, hobbyist or need a reliable workhorse for visual underwater inspections

Marine Distribution & Consulting cooperates with experienced divers and ROV pilots to offer the best possible service and solution for your ROV needs


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Need something bigger ? Are you in Africa ? We also work with rand recommend SAROV South Africa !

SAROV Equipment

SAROV Presentation
• Mojave ROV a powerful observation ROV for its size.
• Compact, ergonomic design and light weight construction allow for rapid set up and deployment using any domestic power supply.
• With world beating subCAN control and diagnostics system and proven thruster reliability, Mojave sets the standard by which the competition will be judged.
• Mojave ROV can be supplied with a complete range of specialist tooling / sensor skids for use Offshore or Inshore Oil and GasScientificPort SecurityMilitaryCivil Engineering and numerous other applications.
• 300m depth rating
• LED lighting as standard
• 5 x SPE-75 DC thrusters
• 80 – 260V domestic input
• Auto position option
• Excellent payload options available
• Graphic user interface (GUI) control
• 63kg horizontal 26kg vertical thrust
• Auto heading and depth
• Gemini 720i Multi beam sonar
• Hydrolek 5 function manipulator
• 1Cam Alpha HD Camera
• Micronav USBL system
• Simple maintenance and operation means very little down time


Please contact us for closer info and prices!

Marine Distribution & Consulting offers a Blue ROV2 by MDC for rent, or the iBubble, electric diver tools from Nemo Power Tools and cooperates with EIVA for all sensor equipment 


Please get in contact to find a tailored solution for your ROV need!

MDC offers you preferred and preferential access to the following bathymetricaccousticinspectionROV, and software 

EIVA Rental equipment

MDC offer you the testing / rental of a Blue Robotics Newton Subsea GripperContact us of further details.

Newton Subsea Gripper

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Nemo Hammer Drill

from 1,390.00 *
In stock
Delivery period: 7 working days

Newton Subsea Gripper

297.08 *
Not in stock

Blue ROV2 by MDC

7,999.83 *
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3,250.00 *
In stock
Delivery period: 7 working days

Sibiu Pro

In stock
Delivery period: 25 working days

LESWIM - Motorized Marine Kickboard

291.67 *

Delivery period: 7 working days

Locator U1

1,301.00 *
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In stock
Delivery period: 5 working days
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