Special Ops Diver Drill – 100M

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The Nemo Special Ops Diver Drill is catered to professionals working in special operations and the special forces. With a depth rating of up to 100m (328 ft), this drill has a salt-water resistant all-black paint job with no logo for maximum concealment. Its 1000-watt brushless technologcombines maximum efficiency with versatility, ensuring you’re ready for any task you encounter. This drill comes with a durable carrying case, battery charger, pressure valve and pump to pressurize the drill, and two 18V 6Ah Lithium Ion batteries, to make sure you’re ready for jobs that require extra power and time.

lionRPMCHUCK-SIZEspecial ops NEMO pictoPicto NEMO special ops


Additional information


(2) 18V Li-ion 6Ah

No Load Speed (2 speeds)

0-400 / 0-1500 RPM

Maximum Torque:

54 N/m (480 in-lbs)

Chuck size:

13 mm (1/2 inch)

Net Weight (with battery):

3.5kg (7.7 lbs)

Capacity (steel):


Capacity (wood):


Capacity (concrete):


Submersible up to:

100m (328 ft)


Please do not hesitate contacting Marine Distribution & Consulting for all further info on Nemo Power Tools (Product Range)

If MDC does not receive a message before placing the order we will automatically ship with France / EU plugs



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