SB100 Surveyor

The multitasking USV 

The SB 100 Surveyor is an unmanned Surface Vehicle (USV) for carrying out inspections and bathymetric projects in shallow and/or industrial waters. It uses GNSS/RTK positioning and a single beam echo sounder to obtain depths, as well as a side scan sonar to obtain clear images of the bottom.


  • Automation of tasks that allows an increased data reliability.
  • Access to confined spaces and high-risk.
  • Easy to transport and deploy. Only one operator.
  • High versatility in payload.



  • Main dimensions --> 100 cm x 72 cm x 47 cm
  • Fretwork (no options) --> 14cm
  • Weight (without options) --> 21KG
  • Material --> High performance composite
  • Maximum speed --> 1.5m/s
  • Working speed --> 1m/s
  • Payload --> 12KG
  • Battery capacity --> 44 Ah @ 12V
  • Obstacle avoidance --> Frontal to 12m
  • Telemetry and video HHa --> Up to 1.5 km via Wifi and unlimited with 4G.
  • Motorization --> Dual engine with 9Kgf
  • Autonomy --> Up to 3 hours (Replaceable batteries)
  • Battery charging --> Less than 2 hours


  1. Autopilot. Based on a high-sensitivity, triple-redundancy IMU and a high-precision GNSS/RTK positioning system, we can easily automate operations at the control desk. Achieving straight transects. 
  2. Dual Chamber. The SB100 Surveyor is equipped with a front camera for steering the boat, even when it is out of sight, as well as a sub-surface camera that allows us to see the bottom and structures at small depths.
  3. Control Station. Both the steering of the boat and the control of the instrumentation is done from land. The controller and base station assembly includes all telemetry details, instrumentation data and real-time video.
  4. Single Beam probe. High performance echo sounder for georeferenced depth measurement with integrated GNSS/RTK system. With the included software, maps can be produced very easily.
  5. Sidescan Sonar. The sidescan sonar is capable of understanding the distribution of materials and textures that make up the seafloor. A georeferenced image is obtained similar to that of a high-resolution ultrasound scan.
  6. Optional Payload. Surveyor can equip all types of instrumentation. It is a 100% customizable platform.

Applications for the SB 100 Surveyor

  • Inspections
  • Environment studies
  • Acuaculture and fisheries
  • Advertising and sports events
  • Marine Archeology
  • Engineering and hydrolic work
  • Rescue and life-saving
  • Cartography and bathymetric surveys

SB 100 Vermessungsingenieur, MDC, GPA Seabots,, Bathymetrie, Inspektionen, Aufklärung, Meer, Strand, Sonar, Bilder, Forschung, Kartographie, UAV, U-Boot.


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