Fathom ROV Tether R2 ombilical

5,98 / Meter


This high quality umbilical cable from Blue Robotics is designed specifically for ROVs and other underwater applications.
It has a neutrally buoyant in fresh water (slightly positive in seawater) and a breaking strength of 150 kgf.
It incorporates water blocking fibers to seal any leaks caused by damage to the sheath.
It has a diameter of 7.6 mm which is smaller than the vast majority of comparable cables.
(This last parameter is very important because the drag of the cable is proportional to the diameter).

It consists of four unshielded twisted pairs of 26AWG gauge wire. elded 
These pairs are colored and arranged in the same way as for a Cat5 network cable.
Each pair is jacketed individually inside the cable to maintain its properties and minimize interference between each pair.

The core of the cable contains Kevlar strands for added strength and Dacron fibers for filling.
Both fibers are impregnated with a product designed to block water for leaks caused by nicks or tears in the cable.
High visibility yellow polyethylene foam sheath is abrasion resistant and has neutral buoyancy.

The cable is designed to be rigid enough so that it does not tangle easily, and flexible enough to give freedom to your ROV.

Its performance predisposes it to a wide variety of uses.

If you work with Blue Robotics penetrators for your subsea application you need the 8mm penetrator.


Marine Distribution & Consulting sells lenghts of up to 1000 meters, do not hesitate to consult us for any additional information



1 x cable (cut to length)



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472,92 €
Fathom Spool 300 Fathom Spool 300
570,92 €
Thruster Kabel Thruster Kabel
Kabel Penetrator für 8mm Kabel Kabel Penetrator für 8mm Kabel
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Selbst Amalgierendes  Tape Selbst Amalgierendes Tape
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Binder 770 Steckverbinder Binder 770 Steckverbinder
12,50 €
M10 Kabeldurchführung 6mm M10 Kabeldurchführung 6mm
4,25 €
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