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S-ROV Remotley operated vehicle (ROV),

AN UNDERWATER MODULAR PLATFORM that can be adapted to all work in the marine environment.

The OiS / TMI-Orion S-ROV is a configurable and maneuverable upgradable platformready-to add technological bricks to create a tailored solution to fit a wide range of customer needs in a plug&fly mode.









Targeted applications

  • Underwater HD video inspection

  • Dam survey & inspection

  • Aquaculture operation & support

  • Scientific

  • Defence & Security

  • Energy 


  • S-ROV platform is a professional grade hub to integrate and combine a wide range of OiS and / or 3rd partys moduls and sensors.
  • Easy combination up to 8 thrusters for power demanding apps
  • Front camera with full HD IP video, and real-time analog video to the surface
  • Embedded battery pack with on-the-fly recharge capabilities
  • Easy to maintain and upgrade thanks to OiS modular plug&fly architecture
  • Reliable and robust product with 18-month warranty

TMI-Orion offers the S-ROV platform in a nominal standard configuration, including a set of embedded modules for an inspection / observation mission


Main Features

• TMI-Orion S-ROV frame

Size 600 x 590 x 280 mm 


Ready-to-embed standard modules

• Depth 100m / 300m 

• Weight 23,5kg in air | Slightly positive in sea water

• 3,5kg payload capacity for add-on functions

8 Thrusters for fine-3D movement control

Pitch (with 8 thrusters config.) / roll / yaw capabilities

Linear speed: up to 1,5 knots

• Battery Pack ~4 hours mission

4S Li-ion 18Ah

On-the-fly recharge feature

• Full HD Front Video Camera (dome-port) with tilt control

Both wide angle full HD IP + real-time analog video

2,8mm lens in standard S-ROV8

• 2 subsea LED light projectors

Each 1500Lm, wide angle, White Neutral Color

• Embedded Sensors

              AHRS sensor for auto-heading

              Pressure sensor for auto-depth

• Up to 7 free-connectors for add-on capacities


Part Numbers

Define the suited S-ROV platform and the related Part Number.


      YYYY: Depth (m) (100/300)
      Z: Number of Thrusters (6/8)

      T: Power Supply - Battery Pack (B) / AC Power Supply from surface wallet (P)

      SSSS: Embedded firmware versioning (ex 1.0 / 2.11)

Recommended product: S-ROV-100-6-B-1.0


Companion TMI-Orion standard modules

TMI-Orion standard products, compatible with S-ROV platform:      

• Rear video camera

• LED light

• Electrical Grip Stick (Manipulator 1&2 functions)


TMI-Orion turn-key solution

TMI-Orion turn-key solutions come with:

• S-ROV platform

• Umbilical cable (300m typ / 500m max length) + manual winch (option)

TMI-Orion Surface Control Unit (rack or weather proof suitcase with related Monitoring Software)


Your affordablemanoeuveringstablemulti-functionsplug&flycompactsingle-operator and user-friendly Mini ROV solution.


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Elektrischer Manipulatorarm Elektrischer Manipulatorarm
AHRS - Attitude heading reference system AHRS - Attitude heading reference system
BlueROV2 von MDC BlueROV2 von MDC
7'999.83 €


Seamor Chinook Seamor Chinook


Seamor Steelhead Seamor Steelhead


Underwater GPS Developer Kit Underwater GPS Developer Kit
6'111.21 €


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