Penetrator für 6mm Kabel


Product Description

This cable penetrator is a simple solution to waterproofing your robot. It’s basically a bolt with a hole that the thruster cable can be glued (potted) into to provide a waterproof connection through watertight enclosures, boxes, panels, etc.

We primarily Loctite Marine Epoxy and the Potting Kit to complete assembly.


Anodized aluminum construction for corrosion resistance and high strength
Captive O-ring face seal that works on any smooth surface
Wrench flats for easy tightening
Multiple inner diameters to secure the cable jacket but leave room for potting compound

Works for cables smaller than 6mm as well.


1 x Cable Penetrator Bolt (for 6mm cable)
1 x Cable Penetrator Nut
1 x O-Ring

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Produkt Hinweis Status Preis
Aluminium-Endkappe mit 10 Löchern (4 ″ -Serie) Aluminium-Endkappe mit 10 Löchern (4 ″ -Serie)
19.17 €


BlueROV2 (kit) BlueROV2 (kit)
(Ombilical: 150m, LED: 2 LED)
3'590.83 €
BlueROV2 (kit) BlueROV2 (kit)
(Ombilical: 150m, LED: 4 LED)
3'749.98 €
Enclosure Vent and Plug Enclosure Vent and Plug
7.92 €
Temperature Sensor  ±0.1°C (I2C) Temperature Sensor ±0.1°C (I2C)
57.00 €


M10 Kabeldurchführung 6mm M10 Kabeldurchführung 6mm
4.25 €
Kabel Penetrator für 8mm Kabel Kabel Penetrator für 8mm Kabel
4.99 €
Ping-Sonar-Höhenmesser und Echolot Ping-Sonar-Höhenmesser und Echolot
295.00 €


Ping360 Scanning Imaging Sonar Ping360 Scanning Imaging Sonar
1'820.00 €
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