Schwach Licht HD USB Kamera


The digital HD USB camera has excellent low-light performanceonboard compression, and a lens chosen to provide fantastic videoquality for subsea applications



This Low-Light HD USB Camera is ideally suited to use underwater with excellent low-light performancegood color handling, and onboard video compression. A specially-chosen wide-anglelow distortion lens provides excellent picture quality on the ROV.

Based on the Sony IMX322 sensor, this camera uses a large sensor (1/2.9″) and a relatively low pixel count (2MP, 1080p), meaning that the physical pixel size is large to allow maximum light sensitivity. We’ve had this camera down at 300m depth, where we could see subtle bioluminescent creatures in the darkness!

video of the digital  HD low light camera

Bioluminescent invertebrates at 120m in California

The camera also has an onboard H.264 compression chip so that all of the video compression is done onboard and doesn’t place much load on the main computer. That also means that we’ll be able to support multiple cameras in the future for alternate views.

This camera is fully supported in ArduSub. Includes an 8″ USB cable with JST-PH connector.

The camera’s PCB is 32 x 32mm and works well with our Camera Tilt System (available from Marine Distribution & Consulting)

For upgrading your BlueROV2, please get the camera mount (also available from MDC) as well.


  • 1 x Low-Light HD USB Camera
  • 1 x 8″ (200mm) USB Cable



Please feel free to browse our subsea / underwater camera section for all ROVDiver or underwater structure camera solutions. If you are looking for a camera fitting your specification  needs, contact us!


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