Ocean Innovation System

Ocean Innovation System

Ocean Innovation System (OiS) is a French start-up, specializing in Robotics and Underwater based Intervention and Observation Systems.

Study, Design and Implementation of remotely operated exploration and response systems is our core competence, integrating our clients´ REX.

5 function Manipulator OiS


What is Innovative and Modular (POD less / Embedded Intelligence)  Robotic solutions?  

Each module can be used as a stand-alone off-the-shelf product or put together to an on-demand-solution:

  * Reducing significantly time-to-market and costs

  * Increasing reliability and operability

  * Facilitating maintenance

Ocean Innovation SystemOiSMDC , Marine Distribution & ConsultingPOD less , Embedded Intelligence, Mini ROV, underwater camera, electric manipulator, ROV, Deutschland

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