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GPA Seabots







Our mission as a company focuses on facilitating the analysispreservation and restoration of the marine environment through the development of products adapted to current times. This is achieved by adapting the latest technologies in various fields to a sector where historically there has been an obvious operational barrier.


Our interdisciplinary efforts allow us great agility in offering practical solutions reducing operational costs, as well as drastically increasing operator safety.

Among the different product lines developed by GPASEABOTS, we can find the new USV’s. Semi-autonomous and unmanned vehicles that operate from the surface of the water.


The company is Barcelona based and works for some time with Marine Distribution & Consulting as their French partner.


GPA Seabots is centered around 2 main products:


SB100 in its various configurations depending clients mission and budget objectives


GPS Seabots offers a large range of payload options:

Frontal camera

Underwater camera

Thermal camera

Singlebeam Echosounder

Sidescan Sonar

Multibeam Sonar

Multiparameter Sounder


Underground Profiler


for various applications

On-site inspections

Inspection en route

Gas piplines / pipelines

Price location

Object detection

Search and Rescue (SAR)

Identification of submerged objects

Port inspection & port security

Port & marina cleaning

Wreck inspection

Archeological inspections

Dredging operations

Wave / tide moinitoring

Navigation altiude measurement 

Sediment movement monitoring







SB Buoy  ibiomimicking semi-submerged buoy that faces the filtering face against the water flow and captures the microplastics present in the water.






Marine Distribution & Consultingpalanquee.frGPA SeabotsUSVOn-site inspections, Inspection en route, Gas piplines / pipelines, Price location, Object detection, Search and Rescue (SAR), Identification of submerged objects, Port inspection, port security, Port cleaning, marina cleaning, Wreck inspection, Archeological inspections, 

Dredging operations, Wave / tide moinitoring, Navigation altiude measurement, Sediment movement monitoring, Bathymetry, Hydrography, 

 Vor-Ort-InspektionenUnterwegs-InspektionGas-PipelinesPreisfeststellungObjektdetektionSuche und Rettung (SAR), Identifizierung untergetauchter ObjekteHafeninspektionHafensicherheitHafenreinigungJachthafen reinigung, Wrackinspektionarchäologische InspektionenBaggerarbeitenWellen-/Gezeitenüberwachung, Messung der NavigationsaltiudeÜberwachung von SedimentbewegungenBathymetrieHydrographie