Cam-Do is continuous improvement and Marine Distribution & Consulting is its partner in France. The improvement of the GoPro camera. Constant innovation of our own product range. And the efficiency of your workflow. Marine Distribution & Consulting as Cam-Do share this vision.



Cam-Do started as a solution to improve an already big product. Peter Jennings, the man behind all this, received a GoPro to wear on his helmet while paragliding. He wanted to use the timer function to record for several days, but found that it only lasted two hours.

An enthusiast at heart, he designed a controller to use the shutter power of the camera to run the processor with the camera off, but using little power. That allowed 2000 photos on one battery, no matter how long it lasted. He posted it online for GoPro fans who took advantage of it.

The answer was overwhelming. Peter started being contacted by people asking to buy one. So he made a lot for testing. And sold before receiving the product.



As sales continued to grow, Peter gained the reputation of "go-to-guy" for GoPro solutions. People need a need, and he devises a solution. Many of the products we offer today are versions of these original solutions. Over time, we improved each product and created systems to take GoPro cameras to places they had never been before.

Our team has become a talented team of international engineers and professionals who has extensive experience in working with a wide range of clients to achieve their goals.



We have come to know our customers and understand the real challenges they face in the various projects they are aiming to capture. We offer solutions that can be configured according to their specific needs. We are interested in providing end-to-end solutions - from hardware to software - to help you do more. Check out Cam-Do at!


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