Underwater GPS Developer Kit

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The  Water Linked Underwater GPS Developer Kit includes the electronicsreceivers, and locator needed to get started with this underwater positioning system! This system is fully supported on the BlueROV2 , the Seadrone Inspector 2.0, the Ocean Innovation System S-ROV or ArduSub for map-based positioning and navigation.

What will you receive:

  • 1 x Master-D1
  • 4 x Receiver-D1
  • 1 x Water Linked Analog Locator Beacon for ROV  (Contact us for the digital locator beacon) 
  • 1 x GPS Unit
  • 1 x Compass and Orientation Sensor
  • 1 x Hard Plastic Case

The version is including a pre-installed cable penetrator.



The Underwater GPS Developer Kit includes everything you need to get started with Water Linked modules for robust underwater positioning in your system. The Master-D1 calculates the position of any Locator relative to the position of the Receivers with the APS100 technology. Combined with the integrated GPS and IMU, it will provide the absolute GPS position of the Locator.


With a small physical footprint, the kit is easily integrated into even the most compact equipment. It can be used retro-fitted to your system with the included cable, our integrated through your umbilical. 3D position data is accessed through an easy-to use API. Just power up and start exploring the underwater world!

Demonstration Videos

BlueROV2 Position Hold in a Tank with Underwater GPS Positioning:


BlueROV2 Autonomous Navigation with Underwater GPS Positioning:


BlueROV2 Manually Piloted to a Wreck at a Known GPS Coordinate:


OiS S-ROV / Waterlinked Underwater GPS demo in France




The Locator Beacon

The Locator-A1 is an analog hydroacoustic locator device. It converts an analog electric signal to an acoustic pressure wave. The A1 has the smallest physical footprint in the Water Linked series of locators, and can be integrated into even the most compact ROV system. It comes standard with a 1 meter cable for easy integration with ROVs like the BlueROV2.


The Locator-A1 has the following features:

  • Omnidirectional directivity
  • Rugged polyurethane cable (1 meter length)
  • 300m depth rating
  • 300m max cable (tether) length
  • Optional pre-installed cable penetrator for quick integration with BlueROV2 and other Blue Robotics products

The Locator-A1 requires the rest of the Water Linked positioning system to be fully functional. That includes the Master-D1 and a set of Receiver-R1 units, all of which are included, along with the Locator-A1, with the Water Linked Underwater GPS Development Kit.


  • 1 x Locator-A1 w/ 1 meter cable
  • 1 x 6mm Cable Penetrator (optional)






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